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Grout is necessary for finishing driveways, patio, shower, tile floor and more. Unfortunately, over time and use, it gets stained, dirty and loses all the charm. Growth of moulds in the bathroom, dirt in the driveway, food stains in the kitchen and other stuck-over grime on the places make the floor look mucky and discolored. This is where iRegrout helps you. We help in restoring the tiles in the previous state by proper grout cleaning in Sydney.


How to Clean Grout the Right Way?

If you are looking for ways to clean the grout, you are at the right place. Our team excels in providing our clients with grout cleaning services all over Sydney. Now, you do not have to go to the store and invest in chemicals! Though there are effective cleaners available in the market, we use steam and high-pressure cleaners to bring back the tiles to the earlier condition.


  • Get a neutral grout cleaner

We use a neutral grout cleaner to erase the stubborn stains and spots. We make sure that the chemicals present in the cleaner have a neutral ph level so that it does not erode the grout. iRegrout use their unique recipes that extract grease and grime from the tiniest pores during grout cleaning in Sydney.


  • Apply the grout cleaner

We apply the grout cleaner and let it sit on the ground for a few minutes. This gives the ingredients plenty of time to penetrate the porous surface and settle deep within the dirt and stains. Do not worry because we take all the necessary steps to ensure that the chemicals do not affect the properties of the tiles and discolour them. Before starting the process, we do apply the cleaner to a small area.


  • Clean the grout

We use our high-pressure cleaners and steam cleaners to wipe off all the dirt from the surface. The water and steam work simultaneously to soften the soil so that it can come out quickly. Our team starts working in a small section and then moves on to another area. The process is repeated till the floor appears clean and polished.

Cleaning grouts by hand is a time-consuming method, and you may not even get the result that you are expecting! It is safer and practical to hire us for grout cleaning in Sydney. We use standard techniques to eliminate the stains and soil from the floor, leaving it bright and shiny.

We are in this field for almost 20 years and have built a high reputation amongst our clients. Our grouting process is long-lasting and of the highest quality. We guarantee to make your grout stain-resistant and waterproof for years.

We offer a safer and cleaner method that ensures that the grout keeps its colour and the tiles look sparkling for many years. If you are planning to opt for grout cleaning services, call us to discuss the technique.

At iRegrout we have small and large high pressure cleaners and steam cleaners for areas that just need a good clean i.e. balconies foot paths driveways.

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