Bathroom Renovation Services in Northern Beaches

Preparing a hyper-functional bathroom in Sydney requires space planning and focusing on materials and fixtures. As not all homes come with a functional bathroom, we, at iRegrout, get you everything covered. Our team of professionals specialises in bathroom makeovers in Northern Beaches and surrounding suburbs. If you are wondering why to remodel your bathroom, here’s why!


Why Opt for Bathroom Renovation?

Renovation does not inevitably mean changing the entire bathroom. It can be upgrading the functionality or enhancing the look. Of course, we can help you build a bath space from scratch, but it depends on your budget. Here are the main reasons for refurbishment.


  • Fix underlying troubles

Over time, many bathrooms experience water leakage, leading to growth of moulds, electrical issues and rotting floors. This is one of the prime reasons why people hire us for renovation. We make sure that pipes, faucets, and taps are fixed or replaced before other issues crop in.


  • Increase the storage space

Increasing the storage space means you can accommodate increasing stuff in your bathroom. From cleaning supplies to hygiene products, clothes and towels, toiletries, and medications, you have a lot of things to store. With customised cupboards to opening shelves, iRegrout can design the bathroom the way you want. For enjoying more space, you can place these cabinets below the sink. Plus, you can opt for waterproof plywood to save it from moisture.


  • Renew the entire look

Do you want a luxurious, spa-like experience? If yes, we are just a call away! We dedicate ourselves to bathroom makeovers in Northern Beaches and leave no stone unturned to fulfill your ultimate goal. We pay attention to the right flooring, lighting, decor and colours, fixtures, countertop and more so that everything complements each other. By changing tiles and fittings and adding new accessories to the empty spaces can transform the look and mood of the bathroom.


  • Add functional features

Before tearing down everything, understand what fixtures you need in your bathroom. A shower screen is essential because it forms a barrier between the wet and dry zone. This makes the rest of the dry area non-slippery and safe to use. Besides, a bathroom sink or basin is yet another essential that comes with plenty of use. Slip-resistant flooring should also be considered to avoid mishaps.


  • Increase your house resale value

Are you aware of the fact that bathroom remodeling can increase the resale value? Homes with modernize bathrooms are sold at a higher cost than the ones with unfashionable bathrooms. A new bathroom not only allows you to revel in all the facilities but also works as a considerable investment.

We, at iRegrout, can design your bathroom cost-effectively. We operate locally and have built a solid reputation in the market over time. We take pride in offering bathroom makeovers in Northern Beaches with much faster and economic results. We are a one-stop solution for bathroom renovations. If you want our services, do not hesitate to call us.

This is where we work with other trades to enhance your bathroom i.e. new shower screens new toilet new vanity new fittings new paint lights and anything else you require again much faster and cost effective compared to a new bathroom.


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