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After installing new tiles in the bathroom, countertops or balconies, people often ask the need to seal the grout. Many do not know that grout sealing is essential to prevent moisture from penetrating the surface from the spaces in between the tiles. This is why the grouts are sealed. If you are wondering whom you should contact, do not worry! iRegrout offers grout sealing in Sydney and other surrounding areas at an affordable cost.

However, remember that not all grouts need to be sealed. The cement-based grouts need to be sealed, whereas the high-performance ones with urethane and epoxy can be left as they are. To be sure of what needs to be done, contact us! We have excellent technicians who can help you with the right solution so that the grout can last for years.


Why Should You Get the Grouts Sealed?

  • Keeps grout looking fresh and new

Sealing grouts means that you are securing the floor from liquid and moisture accumulation. The ground becomes water-resistant, hence, less prone to discoloration and damage. When you leave the grouts unsealed, spilling liquids will leave stubborn stains. Additionally, dirt and soil will get stuck on the edges, making it difficult for you to clean them.


Using bleach can remove the stains, but it will heavily impact the colours of the tiles. Besides, it will not be easy to get rid of oil and grease. This will force you to replace the grouts. However, with us by your side, you do not have to worry about a thing. We specialise in grout sealing in Sydney and keep our customers happy.


  • Keeps moulds and mildew at bay

It is not a surprise that moulds and mildew thrive in damp and hot places. Grout sealing does not let the moisture get trapped and stops water from seeping into the ground. When there is no water or moisture, it will become difficult for these tiny organisms to grow. This will save you from scrubbing them out.


All you need to do is call us. We will arrive with our team and acid wash the area before applying coloured epoxy paints on the joints of the grouts. The procedure is fast and painless.


  • The procedure is not expensive

The procedure is neither hard nor expensive. Though there are many spray-on sealers available in the market, they do not come with a guarantee. But, with us, grout sealing in Sydney looks uncomplicated. After the complex tile installation is done, sealing is done by maintaining the highest quality.


iRegrout has been operating in the field for two decades. We offer a diverse range of services from grout sealing to regrouting, waterproofing, and bathroom makeovers. We guarantee to give you remarkable results with our exceptional services. Our team puts in all the effort and dedication to keep you happy and satisfied no matter what kind of project it is.


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If re-grouting is not suitable for your project i.e. large areas with wide joints at iRegrout we can offer a service where we clean colour and seal your grout which can be more cost effective fist we acid wash the area then apply a coloured epoxy paint to the grout joints that also seals your existing grout.

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